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Flood Property Buyout App

To improve the efficiency of the Harris County Flood Control District’s home buyout program, we develeoped this automated platform. Flood Control authorities can now quickly identify and locate new home listings whilst incorporating their buyout parameters. The app includes neighborhood flooding insights for a comprehensive look into the City of Houston. Key features include:

  • Neighborhood Analytics
  • Rainfall Forecasting
  • Notification System

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App Features

Rapid  Results

Current and new property listings are returned within seconds and updated regularly every six hours.

Display  Filters

All Harris County neighborhood property listings can be filtered by zip codes and geographical quadrants.

Interactive  Maps

Neighborhoods can be individually selected throughout the county to provide unique property listing data.

Machine  Learning

The historical neighborhood flooding from each county quadrant is analyzed to forecast potential flooding.

Alert  System

If a new property is listed, the alert system triggers an email notification to approved registered users.

Mobile  Responsive

The app has been programmed to work on all screen sizes for phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Our  Team


Lesly  Bohuchot



Doug Newsom



Margret Saniel


Team  Programming  Strengths

  • Python
  • Tableau
  • JavaScript
  • SQL

About  Us

Why choose Us?

Rice  University6-Month Accelerated Program Grads

Each of the Emergency CODERS (Lesly, Doug, and Margret) completed the advanced, inaugural Data Analytics and Visualization course from Rice University.

The Harris County Flood Property Buyout app was developed as a class team project. Our group selected this to improve the efficiency of the buyout program.

Why choose Us?

Latest  TechnologyMobile Responsive Advanced Apps

We make diligent efforts to keep up-to-date on current and new technical resources which assist us in our investigative research and development projects.

Some of the libraries used on the back-end include beautifulsoup, threading, sqlalchemy and flask. These tools also enable us to develop rapid prototypes.

Team  CollaborationReal-Time Project Management

We value teamwork, and each team member carries their own set of skills, talents, and strengths to help achieve the overall goals and objectives of each task.

With both our combined and unique perspectives, we are able to explore new opportunities through creative and diverse problem-solving approaches.

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